Abstract your head
Abstract art gives us an opportunity to see through ourselves. Objectivity of our everyday vision restricts our perception to a narrow range of established concepts, making us unavailable to look from a different angle. Abstractions are forcing you to expand your consciousness, search and find something new. And this creates an immediate expansion of consciousness.
Trying To Get There
Acrylic, 40x40
Felling Full
Mixed Media, 40x40
Are You Sure?
Acrylic, 40x40
Spring #2
Acrylic, 35x35
Acrylic, 50x30
Spring #3
Acrylic, 35x35, sold out
Acrylic, 50x50, sold out
Moonlight & Spilled Wine
Acrylic, 25x30
Have You Been Here?
Mixed media, 30x50
One Night in Paris
Mixed media, 35x50
Mixed media, 35x50
February 14
Acrylic, 30x30
Depth #1
Acrylic, 30x25
Spring #1
Acrylic, 40x30
Depth #2
Acrylic, 25x15
Amsterdam Flowers
Mixed media, 30x50
Sunset Through The Jungle
Acrylic, 25x30, sold out
Transfusion #1
Acrylic, 50x35, sold out
Transfusion #4
Acrylic, 50x35, sold out
Transfusion #2
Acrylic, 35x15
Transfusion #3
Acrylic, 50x35, sold out