Abstract your head
Abstract art gives us an opportunity to see through ourselves. Objectivity of our everyday vision restricts our perception to a narrow range of established concepts, making us unavailable to look from a different angle. Abstractions are forcing you to expand your consciousness, search and find something new. It's a real way to push yourself beyond your limits.
Trying To Get There
Acrylic, 40x40
Felling Full
Mixed Media, 40x40
Are You Sure?
Acrylic, 40x40
Spring #2
Acrylic, 35x35
Acrylic, 50x30
Spring #3
Acrylic, 35x35, sold out
Acrylic, 50x50, sold out
Moonlight & Spilled Wine
Acrylic, 25x30
Have You Been Here?
Mixed media, 30x50
One Night in Paris
Mixed media, 35x50
Mixed media, 35x50
February 14
Acrylic, 30x30
Depth #1
Acrylic, 30x25
Spring #1
Acrylic, 40x30
Depth #2
Acrylic, 25x15
Amsterdam Flowers
Mixed media, 30x50
Sunset Through The Jungle
Acrylic, 25x30, sold out
Transfusion #1
Acrylic, 50x35, sold out
Transfusion #4
Acrylic, 50x35, sold out
Transfusion #2
Acrylic, 35x15
Transfusion #3
Acrylic, 50x35, sold out